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Adult, Youth, Elder, and Performance Lifestyle Fit programs:

You get a free, initial half-hour session where we will discuss your goals and see if Lifestyle Fit Now is right for you. Then we meet for a one-hour planning session to get you on the road to success. Once a week we'll meet to check your progress, provide support and encouragement, and adjust the plan as needed.

  • Initial Half-Hour Consultation:  Free

  • First One-Hour Planning Session:  $89

  • Four Half-Hour Weekly Sessions:  $99/month

  • I also can arrange group rates.


Your initial investment is only $89 to get your life on track, including developing plans to adapt your lifestyle for a lifetime of being healthy and fit. Then each month that you stay with me to work toward your goal, you pay just $99 for four weekly sessions to check on your progress, get support, and adjust your plan as needed.

Family Lifestyle Fit program:

You get a two-hour consultation, during which I'll review your family's eating and exercise habits, talk to all family members as a group, and make recommendations for getting on track for health and fitness.

  • Family Lifestyle Fit Consultation:  $159


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