Geriatric Nutrition Program

Many elderly people in our community are malnourished, especially those living alone or who have a disability.

My Geriatric Nutrition Program helps these individuals get the nutrition they need to function at the highest level possible.

Disease, functional limitations, changes in social situations, and economic factors often place our most vulnerable individuals at risk. The prevalence of malnutrition is especially high in the post-hospitalized patient. I provide in-home nutrition care to help our neighbors be healthier, function at a higher level, and live independently longer.

With my Geriatric Nutrition Program, I offer:

  • In-home nutrition assessment and consultation

  • Nutrition plan development & implementation

  • Regular followups to monitor nutritional status

  • Individualized menu development

  • Grocery planning & shopping

  • Basic food preparation by qualified staff


I am equipped to assess and develop individualized plans to assure the optimal nutritional status of the elderly and disabled. I have a bachelor's degree in dietetics, a master's degree in nutrition, minor degrees in gerontology and psychology, and more than 25 years working with the elderly and disabled in long-term care settings. My goal is to improve the functional ability of each person and make a positive impact on their lives.

Contact me to set up an assessment for yourself or a family member.

As we get older, it's not easy to maintain a steady, nutritious diet, and yet nourishment is vital to staying strong and healthy.

Terryl Roningen, MS, LRD
Geriatric Nutrition Specialist

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