Elder Lifestyle Fit Program

The Elder Lifestyle Fit Program helps enable the elderly to get the nutrition they need to be as strong as possible.

Many elderly people, especially those living alone, are malnourished. My in-home assessment can evaluate the elderly individual and recommend what he or she can do to improve overall health and nutritional status. A well-nourished, fit person will typically be able to live longer independently than their malnourished neighbor.

At Lifestyle Fit Now, I develop plans to improve caloric intake for those with weight loss. I also plan easy, nutritious meals for those who no longer are able or who don't have the desire to prepare meals as they did in the past.

Contact me about setting up an assessment for an elderly member of your family or for a friend.

As we get older, it's not easy to maintain a steady, nutritious diet, and yet nourishment is vital to staying strong and healthy.

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